Why Shop Local? Benefits of Shopping at Your Local Retailer

August 07, 2019 Tommy Lindquist

In a world with products at your fingertips and quick shipping to your door, it makes sense that many consumers turn to online shopping. Quite often, shoppers will even look in store and then find it online to actually buy. But what’s wrong with that? Here’s what you may be missing when not choosing your local retail store:

Know the Seller

By visiting a local patio or hearth store for your backyard pieces, you’ll get to know the person and place you’re buying from. With important investments such as a fire pit, or furniture reliability and credibility goes a long way in the purchasing process. Knowing you’re in safe, good hands during this big investment takes some stress away.

You can still do your research online ahead of time. Websites are the perfect place to gather initial information, compare products, and discover other products that may not be on the showroom floor. Once you do your research, head to your local retailer. Salesfloor people are trained and typically very knowledgeable about the products.

Most likely the salesperson will be able to tell you more about the product that the website may not include – whether that further confirms the product you’re eyeing is it or convinces you to look at another option. They’ll be able to steer you away from outdoor products that aren’t your style, guide you to the right one, and help answer any questions.

Look Before You Buy

Feel and see the product for yourself before you buy. Seeing it for yourself helps confirm it’s the right one or even that it wasn’t quite what you expected. When you’re in a store, the sales person may be able to ignite the fire pit for you too. That way you can see and feel the flames. Plus you can learn how it works and experience the different features that make the fire pit easy to use.

Even if some products aren’t on the showroom floor, the business has capability of retrieving other products within the brands they carry. Love different colored fire glass gems that they don’t have in-stock? They’ll ship it to you or let you know when it’s in the store. Maybe you love a displaying product but wish you could tweak the color or shape to fit your space better? Ask the sales person about it! The manufacturer may have other colors in that model or have the capability to do a custom fire pit or fireplace!

Get a Discount or Special Deal

Quite often, the retailer will have a special promotion going on. By purchasing at your local store, you may get an even better deal – free glass wind guard, discount on products, and more. If the current promotion doesn’t quite fit what you’re looking for, use the extra savings coupon to receive up to $100 off your purchase of Outdoor GreatRoom products.

Relax with Local Service

When it comes to buying a gas fire pit, service options may be important. Most local retailers offer installation, yearly maintenance, and other services for your fire pit table. By taking advantage of the services, it’ll be one less step you’ll have to worry about before you’re able to enjoy your cozy fire pit. Even better? The technicians will know the product inside-and-out because they work with it frequently. That means you can rest assured that the product is installed correctly and requires less stress for you! Plus if you have any questions, the store and technicians are just a call or short drive away.

Find a local retailer near you to start gaining big advantages!