Why Choose a Wood Pergola?

May 26, 2020 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

As the summer season dawns upon us, it always manages to bring along a friend: HEAT. Whether it be a pergola, awning, gazebo, or umbrella, it’s important to keep yourself protected and comfortable when enjoying the great outdoors. You may be wondering, what’s the difference, or does it matter what outdoor shade structure you choose? The answer to your questions is yes. Let’s explore how you might benefit in choosing the right source of shade:

Custom Outdoor Kitchen with Wood Pergola and Gas Burner Design by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your patio, backyard, veranda, or deck


Achieving the ‘Wow!’ factor is a must when customizing your outdoor room. A pergola, or an open, architectural structure supported by four main columns, is a popular trend when it comes to fending off the sun. Unlike a simple umbrella or awning, a pergola fits right into your backyard and can even support flowers, vines, and ivy as they climb up lattices. Their structural design really intrigues whoever gets to enjoy it.

If you are looking to add another room when landscaping your backyard, consider our Lodge II Pergola. The Lodge II is constructed from premium grade, Douglas Fir and will surely stun your guests with its magnificent design. If small and simple suits you best, the 12x12’ Redwood Sonoma and its water-based stain finish is another beautiful option to consider. Decorating your pergola with flowers, adding lounging chairs, and even including a fire pit table are great ways to customize your space and entertain whoever stops by.

LODGE II Pergola


Defining your outdoor space might seem like a daunting task, but it really comes down to what you are looking to get out of your backyard. While an umbrella gives you a small, temporary amount of shade and a gazebo adds a completely new room, a pergola is the perfect medium. Contrary to popular belief, a pergola does a great job in defending the sun while still allowing a summer breeze to keep you cool.

The design of a pergola ties it all together and allows for family and friends to lounge around on furniture and enjoy a fire all under one space. If you are hoping to maximize your space or want your porch, patio, or yard to feel like one unit, the Mocha Pergola is a great product to look into. A pergola kit is easy to assemble and can be placed anywhere in your space, making it a great way to define your DIY backyard.


When putting together your dream backyard, it is important to have materials made to endure even the worst weather. Unlike an awning or umbrella, pergolas will protect you from the sun and withstand heavy winds, thunderstorms, and harsh winters.

The handcrafted, USA-made pergolas from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company are made of Douglas Fir wood and include hardware and anchor plates to reinforce your outdoor space. From acquiring the lumber from Washington to precisely cutting and staining the wood in our Minnesota headquarters, you can be assured our wood pergolas are made with care for years of enjoyment.

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