What is the Purpose of a Glass Wind Guard?

April 30, 2020 Tommy Lindquist

A fire pit table has a lot of different features, and one of the most protective and useful features is its glass wind guard. Although sold separately, the glass wind guard can be a great accessory to have. Here are a few common questions when considering a glass wind guard for your perfect firepit:

What exactly is a glass wind guard?

A glass wind guard serves as a layer of protection between the flame and potential wind, little hands, pets, or debris. The stainless-steel hardware and tempered glass also help reinforce the tall, dazzling flames. Depending on the size and make of your fire pit, a glass wind guard can be round, rectangular, square, and even folding for convenience.  

Why might a glass wind guard be good to have?

Safety is first priority when it comes to enjoying a fire with family, and the glass wind guard was created to promote its importance. A glass wind guard serves to protect and contain the flames produced by a fire pit. With something as breathtaking as fire, how can someone not want to get as close as possible? The little kiddos and a curious puppy—and you of course—can enjoy those stunning flames without worrying about someone getting hurt.

Besides its safety aspect, a gas fire pit installed with a glass wind guard maintains an aesthetic appeal as the flames reflect off of the glass. And if you are a fan of toasted marshmallows or s'mores (who isn’t?), the glass wind guard serves as a great ledge to rest your roasting sticks on.

Which is better: Glass Wind Guard vs. Folding Glass Wind Guard

There are numerous benefits to both options, and it all depends on how you want to use your woodburning firepit alternative. The folding glass wind guard allows users to efficiently—and very easily—fold the retaining wall into the fire pit tray. Once folded, the glass wind guard can now be used as a functional table for extra space while entertaining. Whenever you are wanting to heat up your outdoor room or deck space, simply fold the glass back up into the metal trim. The 2-in-1 design provides that extra convenience and eliminates the need to store the burner cover when burner it is in use.

At a less expensive option, the glass wind guard is ideal for a homeowner who still wants to enjoy similar safety and benefits, especially if planning to keep the glass guard up during all use. Outdoor GreatRoom fire tables include a burner cover, either matching or grey tempered glass, to protect the burner when not in use or when needing extra space for a functional outdoor coffee table. Having a separate glass wind guard and burner cover simply means needing to store the burner cover somewhere when using the fire pit over having the all-in-one accessory. With the new Denali Brew fire pit design, burner cover storage clips are included for holding the cover when using your burner. For families with pets, kids, or with a backyard in an open area, the traditional glass serves its purpose for continuous use.

The Outdoor Greatroom Company has a promotion going on featuring our unique glass wind guards. Through the end of June, if you purchase a fire pit that is $1,000 or more, the glass wind guard will be discounted 50% at your local patio or hearth retailer near you.

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