What Are the Different Types of Fire Pit Tables?

October 04, 2022 Tommy Lindquist

Thinking about adding a fire feature to your backyard this fall? We've got every size, shape, color, and style you could possibly want. If you've dreamt up something special in your mind, we can also make a custom fire pit for your space. Below, we outline all of the different options of fire pits and what could work best for you.

Materials and Styles

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company offers several different types of fire pits depending on the style of your home or backyard.

  • Some of the materials you can typically find in our fire pits are metal, stucco, concrete, tile, wicker, and wood.
  • If you‚Äôre looking for a particular shape of firepit, we have linear, rectangle, round, or square. Depending on the size of your yard each of these can come in different sizes.
  • Picky about the color of your fire pit? We‚Äôve got black, brown, grey, metallic or white. Want something custom? We can do that too.
  • We have many different styles of fire pits as well. If you like coastal, contemporary, farmhouse, modern, traditional, or anything in between we‚Äôve got it or can make it for you custom.
  • We make it easy to search for the exact style, materials, price or size you are looking for on
fire pit tables

Natural Gas vs Propane

If you’re looking for what the differences between propane and natural gas are, here are a few highlights:

  • There is no need to hire a certified gas installer for LP, which can save time and money. With LP, you just need a full tank hooked up to the table and you can start it up almost immediately.
  • You‚Äôll have the freedom of moving your fire pit around your yard with LP because the tanks are portable.
  • An LP-run flame is brighter than natural gas, however, a natural gas flame burns cleaner with less chance for soot.
  • Natural gas is typically hard-piped to your house, so you‚Äôll never have to worry about running out of gas.

Wind Guard vs No Wind Guard

Glass wind guards not only add a layer of protection between you and the flame but also look beautiful when reflecting the flame. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company offers both linear glass wind guards and folding glass wind guards depending on the style you like. Linear sits on top of your fire table and has rubber base stops to hold it in place. The folding wind guards fit into an extruded aluminum frame and serves as a burner cover when not in use.

wind guard