Top Wood Pergola FAQs

July 01, 2019 Tommy Lindquist

Wood pergolas are a smart investment for your home or business. Here are some common questions to ask before purchasing a wood pergola kit for your backyard or patio space.

What is the best spot in my backyard to place a pergola?

Wood pergolas can be placed in a variety of locations in your outdoor space. Some favorite spots include over your gas fire pit table or fireplace, on your poolside patio, over your hot tub or spa, and by your outdoor kitchen island.

What pergola style is right for me and my outdoor space?

When choosing the best pergola design idea for your space, start by measuring the outdoor area you plan to place your pergola at. Once you determine the dimensions for your pergola, then consider the style and color.

The Sonoma pergola collection is available in 3 popular sizes and 2 versatile colors to fit your patio. The signature arch design offers a grand, beautiful statement as guests admire the craftsmanship of the pergola’s details. All options work well with a wide variety of backyard design themes from classic and rustic to modern and contemporary.

For an authentic mountain lodge atmosphere in your exterior space, the rustic Lodge pergola offers a grand statement to draw guests outside. It is available in one popular size with a Mocha brown stain finish to reinforce that rustic theme. Finish your pergola design with a cozy fire pit and comfy patio furniture, and you’re set for the outdoor season!

Where are the wood pergolas made?

Our Made in the USA wood pergolas begin their journey in Washington. Through a sustainable forestry initiative, select-grade Douglas fir is chosen and undergoes the logging process and is kiln-dried to high-quality lumber. The lumber is packaged and sent to our manufacturing headquarters in Minnesota.

Our manufacturing experts approve the lumber and start creating the pergola kits piece by piece. Each pergola piece is precision cut to ensure identical parts every time. The wood pergola pieces are finished with a UV resistant oil-based stain and carefully packaged with accessories to reduce shipping costs. From our headquarters, we ship the DIY pergola kit to your home or business for years of enjoyment. From beginning to end, we take pride in the American craftsmanship of our wood pergolas.  

Is a building permit required for installing my pergola kit?

Most city areas do not require a building permit for a wood pergola over your deck or on your patio. However, it is crucial to check with your local city/town government office to confirm the rules and regulations for building a pergola in your outdoor space. If you’re hiring a landscaping contractor or other building professional, they may obtain any needed permits for you, but confirm with them in the initial meeting before proceeding.