Things to Consider Before You Build a Fire Pit

September 07, 2017 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

Building a gas fire pit table is a great way to upgrade your outdoor space and save money! With our DIY gas fire pit kit, building your own fire pit out of brick or concrete with a gas fire burner is very attainable. If you are ready to tackle this project, here is our list of things to consider before you build a fire pit!

38" Do It Yourself Burner with Block

Buy your burner first

It is a great idea to buy the burner first as you build the fire pit to ensure that it will fit properly! It will make your assembling process easier as you can build around the gas fire burner and the control panel rather than trying to fit it in after the pit is built. If you are using concrete, it is especially beneficial to have the burner first to ensure that you don't pour concrete to the wrong size.

Access to the gas

When you build a gas fire pit, you want to make sure the burner will have access to the gas. The control panel will connect to the gas input on the inside of the fire pit, so you will want to consider the access to your gas source. If you will be using a liquid propane tank, you might want to build a way to access and store the tank inside the fire pit. If you are planning on hooking the burner up to a natural gas line, then you want to make sure you have that access before you build.

Access to the controls

As well as having access to the gas, you will need to have access to the controls. You will want to leave a gap somewhere along the fire pit, so you can insert the control panel and have access to the sparker button and control knob. The controls allow for you to operate the unit and turn the flame height up and down.

Venting requirement

Venting is a requirement for any structure housing an LP tank. We suggest venting on any gas appliance whether an LP tank is stored there or not. 10 square inches of ventilation is required and we suggest cross ventilation.