Summer Outdoor Design Trends

May 12, 2020 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

With the summer season approaching, now is the perfect time for adventurous and creative homeowners to prepare their outdoor space. Not a creative person? That’s okay, you don’t have to be. Creating your own outdoor space is easy--all you need is a few pointers.

Defining Your Look

When trying to decide the best design for your backyard, the first step is thinking about what brings you comfort. If you admire a clean, non-disruptive look, consider a modern and contemporary design. For homeowners who appreciate the rugged outdoors and want to embrace their trees, luscious grass, and overall landscape, a natural, more open layout will suit you the best. And finally, let’s not dismiss those who appreciate a comfy, yet functional outdoor room that gets the job done. Let’s explore what these three design trends might look like:

Modern Black 30" Cove Round Gas Fire Pit Bowl by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your patio or backyard space

Modern and Contemporary

A modern and contemporary outdoor landscape is definitely the “in” when it comes to outdoor design trends. A contemporary design’s approach to space is to be as minimal as possible to give it that sleek and modern look. Playing around with neutral colors such as black, white, or grey, can complement a nice burst of color such as a navy-blue set of furniture. If you’re looking to entertain guests, a cove fire pit bowl is the perfect centerpiece as it provides warmth while still maintaining that an aesthetic appeal. The black cove bowl will present a bolder look, while the white cove bowl subtly fits into the rest of the landscape.

A major benefit in working with neutral colors is the ability to constantly change and adjust the overall tone of your space. Black, grey, or white colors can be interchangeably paired with colors such as brown, blue, or orange depending on the season and theme you are going for. Throw in some vertical plants and you’ll have yourself the trendiest backyard in the neighborhood.

Rustic, corrugated Denali Brew Linear Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your patio or backyard space

Natural and Open

If you experience noise on a daily basis, perhaps a relaxing getaway is what you need the most. A more open layout that interacts with tall trees, blooming flowers, or a body of water can create a calm and peaceful space. The Denali Brew fire pit table with its rustic, woodsy design would fit right in as you look to entertain guests and enjoy what the great outdoors can provide.

If you’re feeling ambitious, another popular option in having an open, more natural display, is starting from scratch with your landscape and design. Deciding between various flowers, shrubs, and landscaping materials is something to keep in mind as you map out your project. Depending on what you choose for materials, consider integrating a do-it-yourself fire pit project. Ready-to-finish fire pits allow you to personalize the design and materials to best fit your surrounding landscape.

Grey Stonefire Round Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your patio or deck

Comfy, Yet Functional

Among the most popular outdoor design trends is creating a room that is simple and functional. And for some homeowners, optimizing space is #1 on the priority list. Even if space is limited, creativity can still run the course when it comes to crafting a comfy and functional backyard. This category of outdoor living may be comprised of a raised mini garden, a pair of swiveling lounging chairs, and a bird feeder. If you appreciate the outdoors as much as we do, our Stonefire fire pit table would be an excellent fit. Because it is compact and lightweight, you won’t ever have to worry about it getting in the way.

On the other hand, if you love to entertain and spend a fair amount of time grilling, why not consider an outdoor kitchen? Most backyards have a grill, but an outdoor kitchen fitted with some cabinets, a fridge, and a stellar grill might be what you need in creating a functional space. If your backyard is in an open space without shade, a mocha wood pergola would be the perfect accessory to complement your entertainment pad. Outdoor kitchens are an up-and-coming trend that maintains a traditional approach to enhancing your outdoor experience.

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Sonoma Pergola and custom kitchen