Small Project Ideas to Update Your Home

February 25, 2021 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

There are many ways to make an outdated home feel new again without completely redesigning your look. Here’s a few small project ideas to enhance the indoor and outdoor rooms in your cherished homestead:

havenwood grey everblend with grey bottom and flame

Build Your Curb Appeal

What is the first thing people see when they park in your driveway for a mid-afternoon visit? Simple landscape upkeep can really make a difference in making you and your home impressionable. Consider adding flowers or some greenery to bring life to the front of your home. A pretty collection of flowers, whether planted in the ground, flowerpots, or in a box under your window, will certainly build your exterior curb appeal.

You can also make a strong and impactful design statement by dressing your door with a different paint color. Change a neutral color, such as brown, white, or black to a brighter color, such as cherry red or sunshine yellow, to really add some pop and create an inviting persona for the front of your home.

Non-combustible Fireplace Mantel and Modern Electric Fireplace

Affordable Solutions for the Indoors

Once people are welcomed into the comfort of your home, what things will they notice when they travel from room to room? Be thrifty with your miniature home makeover by replacing your lights with unique light fixtures, adding low maintenance house plants such as succulents to shelving space, or refashioning older furniture to serve a new purpose, such as turning an older end table into a place for books or board games to be stored.

When the weather doesn’t quite allow for enjoying the outdoors, having a warm and cozy indoor living area is a must for everyday pleasure and excellent hosting. Replacing throw pillows for the couch or even updating family pictures hanging on the wall can create new buzz around a space where you and your friends or family will be making plenty of memories. Dressing up your fireplace with a mantel is one way to add depth and display more accessories in your space. If you don’t want to be limited on where your mantel can be placed, make sure it is non-combustible; otherwise, you will have to place your mantel at a safe enough distance from the heart of your fireplace.

Cove 30 gas fire pit bowl in a backyard with a pool and greenery in the background.

Your Backyard Is Calling

Warmer months approaching means more opportunity to embrace the relaxing and inviting atmosphere nature can provide. Even if you don’t plan on hosting family barbecues or neighborhood bonfires on a frequent basis, your backyard should be presentable for when those moments come. Create an oasis or paradise affordably by making simple additions to your outdoor living area. Adding weather-resistant side tables for your drinks, including some potted plants for a more natural feel, or hanging outdoor lights above your focal point are a few ways to turn a normal patio or porch into an outdoor retreat.

If you have a few kiddos in your home, consider building a backyard birdfeeder with them for a simple and easy project for the weekend. Gas fire pit owners can switch out existing fire media with a new color or material as a simple project that will give your fire a new, more-defined look.

The little details are what puts together the big picture for you and your guests to appreciate during every visit. Get connected with us on Instagram or Facebook to see how our customers dress up their outdoor and indoor living spaces.

A family enjoying their Denali brew gas fire pit table made by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company in their backyard.