Redefining Your Outdoor Restaurant

June 29, 2020 Tommy Lindquist

Creating the best impression for avid food-goers and hungry families doesn’t stop at how good the food tastes. Whether your restaurant has a stellar ocean view or is located in the hot spot of an urban area, now is the time to give your outdoor dining space the attention it deserves. With businesses and restaurants opening up again, the overall landscape and design of your outdoor seating area might be what keeps your hungry guests coming back for more.

Keeping Up With Appeal

Restaurants have a free source of advertisement if they take advantage of their outdoor space. As cars drive by or travelers walk along on busy sidewalks, stores can make a strong first impression with a stellar outdoor design. A higher-end, upscale shop might incorporate modern features with dark colors and a pop of red, while a family-friendly restaurant can focus on picnic tables with kid-friendly attractions such as outdoor life-sized games and a gas fire pit for marshmallow roasting.

Whatever theme you choose to go for, keep your color scheme consistent and tasteful throughout. Most businesses will come up with some kind of outdoor display to meet demand and health requirements, so going the extra mile in your design will emphasize professionalism and class for your business.

Keep in mind the importance of having outdoor furniture that promotes your brand and attracts customers to your store or restaurant. Since dining out really comes down to creating an experience, the focal point of your space is equally as important as the food you serve. Including some sort of fire feature, whether it be a fire pit or fire pit table, might be the perfect amenity to spice up your guests' experience. Gas fire pits—in any shape or size—are a unique and popular way to host get-togethers and keep everyone entertained. As guests order their food and wait for it to arrive, there is nothing better to provide than a warm, welcoming collection of beautiful flames—especially when the temperatures start to drop and nights get a little cooler. Making memories at your business should be the goal as customers see your place as the coziest spot in town.

If your restaurant’s tone is classier and more contemporary, an Uptown gas fire pit table is the perfect product to set the mood. Its unique and modern design, in addition to having a two-tiered table for a convenient eating space, provides an attractive and practical focal point for guests to enjoy. Choosing to eat out is also a great way in bringing families together. A gas fire pit bowl complemented with a s’more bar is a simple, yet creative way to keep the kids entertained and make heartwarming memories around a fire. Whether it be happy hour or a family going out for the night, providing a space where guests can gather around the fire is a unique way to stand out among other businesses.

Dependable Technology and Irresistible Flames

Gas fire pits and burners designed by the Outdoor GreatRoom Company (OGC) can be outfitted for contract, trade, and commercial spaces. Using state-of-the-art, industry leading technology in every Crystal Fire® Plus burner meets all safety standards while providing a more reliable, stunning show of colorful, vibrant flames.

Gas fire pits used in any commercial setting have to meet specific safety standards. Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) is an OGC feature that allows anyone operating a gas fire pit to safely control it electronically either through a timer, on/off switch, or emergency stop button. A more direct line of operation enables restaurants to protect their investment, ensure safety for their guests, and manage their fire feature from a distance.

Custom Fireplace Burner

Customization is one of many benefits for restaurants to recreate their outdoor space. Whether you have a specific material, burner size, or fire pit color in mind, you can be a part of the creation process from start to finish. A ready-to-finish fireplace is a product option that allows for complete customization and defining an outdoor area while also building a perception of safety for anyone to enjoy. The option to engrave your brand logo or design is another possibility to reinforce a unique and custom image as people gather around your fire. For more information on commercial products and our ready-to-finish program, contact our hearth and construction specialist Jeff Hanel.

Creating a distinctive and innovative display will set you apart as stores and restaurants begin to re-open their doors for business. Whether it be updating your patio with a new set of furniture, introducing a new fire feature to your space, or incorporating a unique pergola as a source of shade, now is the time to exhibit an outdoor space people won’t want to leave.

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