Project Ideas Using a Gas Burner or Burner Insert

June 23, 2020 Tommy Lindquist

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and household makeovers are in full force as the summer season provides more time and comfortable weather to reimagine your outdoor space. Whether you plan on completely refinishing your backyard display or want to do a little up-keep with the latest trends and outdoor fashion statements, a gas fire pit table or gas burner—made in any size, shape, or form—might be the perfect solution to spicing up your memory-making outdoor room.

Having a cozy focal point to your backyard on those summer nights or brisk fall evenings is a relaxing way to extend your outdoor hours. Spending time around the fire, as the kiddos roast marshmallows and the adults have a drink, is what creates sentimental memories and warm experiences that’ll last a lifetime. While a traditional fire pit requires wood and constant attention, gas fire burners are fueled by natural gas or liquid propane and require hardly any maintenance for easy use any day of the week. These two very similar sources of fuel have unique benefits in heating up the focal point of your seating space. Liquid propane allows for easy set up and instant installation, while natural gas is cheaper in the long run, providing continual and uninterrupted use. Our industry-leading burner technology make both sources of fuel work excellently in providing warm, ambient flames. With gas fire pits being one of the most popular design trends for outdoor living, a stunning fire feature is a bandwagon you’ll want to hop on.

Gas burners or burner inserts are included in gas fire pit tables, but they are also available to purchase for customization. Restaurants, hotels, and even homeowners will purchase burners separately to incorporate into their own DIY projects. Since burners are available in different lengths, shapes, and sizes, there is really no limit to what they can be used for. Some unique projects the Outdoor GreatRoom Company (OGC) have helped with have been custom gas fire pit bowls, see-through fireplaces, L-shaped gas fire pits, and even a gas fire pit that wraps around an entire house!

When deciding on how you want to incorporate fire into your concrete patio, or lush yard, you’ll want to do some planning ahead of time in obtaining all necessary gas fire pit supplies. A few things to consider before construction is the size of your space, the materials you’ll want to use, and how many people you plan on hosting. Materials for structure can range from concrete pavers or stackable bricks to galvanized steel and Hardibacker® fiber cement board. Decorative materials such as stucco, stone, Supercast™ concrete, or tile can be used for a custom finish to match the rest of your backyard landscape.

The size of your party and hosting space plays a factor in what burner size to choose. For example, if six people will be sitting around the fire on a regular basis, a 12x42” Crystal Fire® Plus burner might be a good fit. If you have a smaller deck or patio, a 12x24” or 20” round burner will match the size of your space nicely. To allow for proper operation and safe use, as well as complement the overall design of your gas fire pit, you will need fire media to fill throughout your burner. Media ranges from color, material, shape, and size, and can be tailored to naturally match the rest of your display. Whether it be colorful fire glass gems, tumbled lava rock, or realistic-looking logs media is required for safety and proper gas fire pit use. For proper burner installation, read your manual and visit our product training page for helpful instructional videos.

If the early steps in the process feel intimidating, a ready-to-finish fire pit or fireplace is a great option to start you off on the right foot. Ready-to-finish fire pit enclosures come preinstalled and allow for custom, decorative materials to be incorporated on-site. Designs can be tailored to fit a perfect theme, such as rustic entertaining, modern taste, or a more industrial finish.

Interestingly, DIY propane fire pits can be done in hours. If you have a free Saturday and want to add an entertaining and practical focal point to your backyard, a gas fire pit provides a roasting spot for s’mores and marshmallows in no time. Purchase a burner, structural and decorative materials, and round up the essential tools to create a tabletop gas fire pit guaranteed to ‘WOW’ your guests.

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