Outdoor Contract Project Ideas

October 11, 2019 Tommy Lindquist

With plenty of backyard project ideas available online, it gets difficult to sift through and find that perfect outdoor design inspiration you’re searching for. That’s why we compiled some top contract and commercial patio ideas.

Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, residential home, or other clients, an outdoor space with multiple amenities is a top choice. Help your client envision a complete patio space to fit their lifestyle at any time of the day. Start with an outdoor kitchen island for grilling, then suggest serving up the delicious food around a dining fire table.

Once dinner’s over, the client can imagine inviting their guests to the cozy fire pit for after-dinner drinks and conversations. Don’t forget a wood pergola for framing the entire setup and tying it all together. If space is an issue, combine multiple elements and get creative with the design! The vision alone is a major selling point and gives you the opportunity to re-design their entire patio or backyard space.

For The Ultimate Focal Point

To make your outdoor projects even simpler and faster, we’ve created an easy-to-order commercial program of stocked products. Our popular fire pit designs: Key Largo, Uptown, and 30” Cove are now available in a ready-to-light commercial fire pit kit. Ready-to-finish fire pit table bases in linear, round, and square options are perfect for completing on your project site to complement your final design. A wide range of Crystal Fire Plus Burner and burner inserts in linear, rectangular, square, and round provide flexibility as you're sketching out the outdoor look.

For a look unlike any other, create a custom fire pit table or burner design. We’ll work with you to design and build a gas fire pit from beginning to end. As a U.S. manufacturer, we offer quicker product lead times to turn around your complete fire table. The Direct Spark Ignition safety system, control panels, and other commercial accessories are available for all burners and burner inserts.

For the Stylish Backyard

Homeowners and business owners alike can appreciate a safe, warm fire pit table in their outdoor living space. From modern and industrial to classic and rustic, in-stock fire pit tables are a stylish, easy solution to creating a cozy, welcoming backyard with plenty of styles. All gas fire pits are UL Listed for safety and quality and most are made right in the USA from outdoor-rated materials. Did you know propane and natural gas fire tables can also be placed on a wood deck, concrete patio, and many other outdoor surfaces?! And with the best, most realistic flames in the industry, the Crystal Fire®, and Crystal Fire® Plus burners are sure to bring your landscape or hardscape design to the next level.

All gas fire pit tables can be setup with a manual ignition or Direct Spark Ignition safety system and commercial control panel capabilities. Match with outdoor furniture and a pergola for a relaxing patio or deck space.

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