OGC Wins Top Industry Award

March 06, 2017 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

Unique, modern design Boreal Complete Heat Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your patio or backyard spot

On Friday, March 3, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company won the Vesta Award for the Boreal Complete Heat system in the Outdoor Hearth Products Category. Lead engineer for the product, Connor Burmeister, accepted the award in Atlanta, GA on behalf of the team behind the product. The Boreal Complete Heat is not only a striking fire pit, but also provides total warmth from top to bottom keeping both your hands and feet cozy. The Boreal Complete Heat features a stunning flame, which creates radiant heat to warm the body. A portion of this heat is captured and is then directed out from the bottom of the base through hidden ventilation to warm the feet. The complete warmth felt from the Boreal Complete Heat only increases the enjoyment and practicality of this outdoor decorative gas-heating appliance. For the design we took inspiration from the Aurora Borealis, with waves of brilliant and beautifully colored flames and lights displayed across the burner and base similar to those across the northern skies. In colder climates, though the outdoor season is shorter, that only means the time spent outside is enjoyed even more. No matter where you live, extending your outdoor season is made much easier with a source of heat on those cooler days and nights. The first of it’s kind in the outdoor industry, this innovative fire pit can be run on either LP or natural gas and can be either set up on an automatic ignition system (100,000 BTU/hr.) or match lit/piezo ignition (65,000 BTU/hr.). The base is finished in a durable stucco and the burner and heat exchanger tubes are 304 stainless steel with a painted matte black finish. The heat output from the bottom of the base has a high and low setting and runs 15-20K BTU/hr. on automatic ignition and 8-12.5K BTU/hr. on match lit or piezo ignition. The LED lighting is an optional accessory to give the ambiance similar to the northern lights.