Non-Combustible Mantels: FAQs

December 04, 2019 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

Can I place my TV above my fireplace?

Yes, when you pair your fireplace with a non-combustible mantel, your TV can safely be placed above your fireplace for a space-saving design.

Can I place my TV above my fireplace and how high do I place my TV above my fireplace? FAQ by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

What is a non-combustible mantel made out of?

Our non-combustible mantels are made of our durable Supercast™ concrete. Supercast™ is our proprietary blend that’s half the weight of normal concrete but 10 times the strength! It’s the perfect material for a sturdy, reliable mantel for indoors or outdoors.

Can I mount a non-combustible mantel above any type of fireplace?

Yes, our Supercast™ non-combustible mantels can be placed about any gas, electric, or even wood-burning fireplaces. Ensure you meet clearances to combustibles when mounting your mantel.

Do I need a mantel with my fireplace?

A mantel is not required for a fireplace. However, design wise, they’re often paired together for a complete focal point look. Mantels are a great spot for displaying décor and adding that extra cozy, personal touch to your fireplace.

Can I get a custom mantel?

Yes, our non-combustbile Supercast™ mantels can be made custom to your size and design. Learn more.

64" Built-in Linear Electric FIreplace featuring cool blue lighting with Tavern Brown 72" Mantel by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your cozy, stylish indoor living space or family room

What can I place on my mantel?

Get creative! The mantel is the perfect spot for picture frames, décor, or holiday decorations. If you choose to hang anything from the mantel (like garland), ensure it’s still high enough up to meet clearances to combustibles from your fireplace.

Can I install a Supercast‚Ñ¢ non-combustible mantel myself?

Installation only requires two people. It’s very easy to install and an average homeowner can do it. No need to hire anyone.

Non-Combustible White Supercast Modern Mantel for your indoor fireplace or outdoor fireplace by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

Is the mounting hardware included with my Supercast‚Ñ¢ mantel?

Yes, all hardware is included. Tools are required but not included.

Where can I find a Supercast‚Ñ¢ non-combustible mantel?

Mantels can be purchased at your local retailer. Your local retailer may also have in-store deals or specials. Not every store will have the mantels on display, but they may have samples and can order one for you.