Month of LOVE: OGC Edition

January 22, 2020 Tommy Lindquist

It's the month of LOVE! We asked some of our employees what they love!

David - Western US & Canada Sales Manager

I love OGC because the people make it super fun to work here and we sell such fun products. Who doesn’t love fire?!?!

The product I love most is the 30" Cove fire bowl – the flame is massive! I also love the Renegade portable fire pit for tailgating - it attracts so many fans!

I love my job because I get to travel to see customers and attend trade shows. Growing relationships with dealers we have been selling to for 10+ years is a great feeling!

Sidya, Shipping Expert

I love OGC because everyone has a great sense of companionship and we all love each other equally. I like how everyone makes me feel good, always forgives my faults, and tries to teach me a lot.

The Uptown fire pit table has been my favorite since I started with the company. I also love the Edison fire table because it seems elegant and stylish.

I love the area where I work because it is very active and I can talk to other people who come to pick up the orders. One day I would like to work in customer service since it is one of my favorite areas.

Jeff Hanel

I love OGC because of the people and their passion to work as a team.

I love the new Crystal Fire Plus burner systems with ready-to-finish bases. This gives us great flexibility to provide whatever the customer desires.

I love working with our customers and bringing cool new projects for our engineering and production team to produce.

Laura, Customer Service Manager and Sales Coordinator

I love OGC because of the people and how we value and treat our customers! The OGC people make coming to work fun and I feel like we treat our customers like they are an extension of our family. We do what we can to make them happy and enjoy their purchase. We never want someone to have a bad experience with our products or when they communicate with anyone in our company. And I think that’s why we have the great reputation that we have.
I love the Alcott gas fire pit table!
I love my job because it’s never the same thing every day and it’s always a good feeling when you are able to help someone!

Leonard, Production Lead

I've worked with large manufacturers prior to working here. I love OGC because there's something special about working for a smaller manufacturer.

I love our chat height chairs! They are number one!

I love my job because it's never the same on a daily basis. It makes time go by fast.

Renee, VP of Business Development & Marketing

I love OGC because of the people. This crew works hard, but still finds time to have fun at work.

The Alcott is my favorite fire pit table but I’m really excited to roll out the Crystal Fire Plus burner program.

I love the variety of work I have in my job, there is never a dull moment!

Ross, OEM/National Account Manager

I love OGC because of the staff and culture!

I love all of the fire tables – they have such unique designs!

I enjoy the relationships I’ve created with my clients. I consider them business partners, friends, and clients.

Joey, VP of Sales

I love OGC because of the family environment, good people, and the innovative ideas that people have everyday!

My favorite OGC products are the long linear burners, the Wave burner, and the Renegade portable fire pit!

I love my job because we create beautiful outdoor fire features that can transform peoples backyards. I love to see the reactions people have when enjoying our products.

Allison, Customer Service Rep

I love OGC because I enjoy working with my co-workers and customers every day.

I love the White Onyx Beacon fire pit table!

I love my job because we have great dealers and customers to work with!

Susan, Office Manager

I love OGC because it’s a fun industry to work in. The company is not only goal-oriented but also encourages a work-life balance.

I love the Lodge II pergola and the Denali Brew fire pit table.

I really enjoy the variety of tasks and projects I work on – there is little repetition in my job from day to day and month to month.

Ryan, Controller

I love OGC because of the work environment. Everyone works hard, but seems to enjoy coming into work each day. We have a great group of people working here, as well as a great customer base. And I really like the products that we offer – very cool and innovative!

I really like our Vintage fire pit table collection, as well as our new Denali Brew fire table!

Katie, Content Marketing Manager

I love OGC because of the atmosphere. My coworkers are the best individuals.

I love all of the custom projects – fire pits, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, etc. It’s amazing to see what our engineering and manufacturing can create for our customers, all right here in good ol’ Minnesota!

I love being a marketing resource for our customers. I want to do whatever I can to make their lives easier and their businesses more successful. I also truly believe OGC products are the best in the market. OGC quickly converted me from a wood-burning fire pit user to a gas fire pit lover!

Eric, VP of Operations

I love OGC because of the people and customers! The people we work with everyday make our lives enjoyable and work easy. Not everything goes perfect; but when you work with people that care about you, the business, and the customers, pretty much anything is possible.
I love the Black Uptown fire table with its great style and usability. Great looking and easy to use for entertaining and serving.
I love my job because of the younger generations coming in, and 35 years ago I was one of them!  They see the world so differently and force us to all question everything we assumed we knew.  Sometimes we do but sometimes we don’t see it at all!