Indoor Living and Fireplace Design Ideas

November 12, 2020 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

When it comes to indoor living, the opportunities are endless in creating a family space tailored uniquely to you. In honor of the festive holiday season quickly approaching, we put together a few holiday fireplace design ideas to spice up your living room area.

Stylish, contemporary design Highland Gas Insert with Modern Front by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your living room or family den

Find Your Fit

Fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes. There’s even a difference on how they give off heat, ranging from wood-burning fireplaces to natural gas or electric-powered fireplace inserts. When finding the right fireplace for your living room space, consider where you should place your fireplace, how big your fireplace should be, and the amount of time you want to spend installing it.

If you happen to be in a place where a wood-burning chimenea used to reside, a gas insert is a great option. Fireplace inserts serve the purpose of providing a warm, beautiful flame without the mess, smoke, and hazards of a traditional fire. You can even choose between a variety of styles: from a modern front or a traditional front to completely customizing your space. Multiple flame and fan settings allow you to dial in your preference (using the fireplace remote) and enjoy the fire for hours without the hassle of feeding logs. Simply install the gas insert right into where the old flames used to take place, and you’ll have a heart-warming focal point for friends and family to gather around. We suggest hiring a certified technician though to handle the transition.

64" LInear Built In Electric Fireplace Blue flame with TV

Electric fireplaces, the latest upcoming trend in fireplace design, are another way to bring continuous warmth to your living den area. While it may take some time to map out constructing this beautiful fire feature, you are guaranteed to add lifelong value to your home with the many benefits an electric fireplace provides. Besides the ability to efficiently use energy, electric fireplaces provide some irresistible high-tech features including the ability to adjust temperature and continually change the color of the flames. Setting the mood is easy when you can choose between a cool relaxing blue, pure crystal, or ambient fiery red. Stonework crafted precisely around the fire focal point is a popular look as homeowners seek to find an aesthetic solution to a heat-giving masterpiece. The popular sizes of 44 inches and 66 inches long ensure you get the perfect look to get your hearth project started.

Holiday Electric Insert

Create Your Dynamic Design

It’s all in the details when it comes to building an amazing family room, man cave, or girls’ night in spot. Once you’ve found the perfect backdrop, the next step is choosing a set of colors that will complement your space. Perfecting your palette is key in creating a pleasing-to-the-eye display. A more modern and minimalistic approach would advise a simpler sample of neutral colors, such as white or grey, along with a bright color to give your living room some POP.

Living room with furniture, painting, mantel, and fireplace

Complementing your color palette with inviting decorations is a sure win for design appeal. Consider incorporating artwork and plants to support the defining look of an indoor fireplace. Take things a step further by installing a mantel to rest above whatever fire feature you choose to go with. Mantels were originally created to catch the smoke of a wood-burning flame but have since transitioned into a design statement and decorative piece. For a Made in the USA mantel that’s safe above your fireplace, choose non-combustible mantels. Having the mantel be non-combustible allows for homeowners to set it securely above the fireplace at the preferred height, without the worry of safety.

White fireplace mantle with electric fireplace insert with orange flames

Capturing Memories

While the look of your indoor fireplace and living room is important, nothing beats a spot where heartwarming memories can be made. Be sure to include exciting and entertaining outlets for you and your guests to enjoy, such as a TV or board games, as well as comfy furniture to supplement an appealing design. Comfort is key to creating a space for memories to be made. Whether you had a long day, desire a lazy Saturday, or are having the family over for a game, a warm collection of flames and comfy seating are sure wins to keeping guests content.

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