Ideas and Inspiration to Make Your Patio More Charming This Spring

March 07, 2023 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

When winter finally tucks away and spring emerges, most of us are ready to spend as much time outside as possible. What better way to get some fresh air than spending time on your very own patio with a cozy outdoor fire pit as the focal point? We pride ourselves on being backyard and outdoor room experts, so we have some ideas to inspire you to make your backyard the place to be this spring!

Add Some Porch Plants

One of the easiest ways to add warmth and charm to your patio is to add some greenery. A few potted plants or flowers can go a long way without having to take on a vast landscaping project. If you’re a beginner plant owner, start with plants that are easy to care for such as wave petunias, ferns, or hibiscus. These plants love sunlight and perk right up if you forgot to water them for a while. Not to mention they add color, life, and a cozy vibe to your backyard design.

Purchase Comfortable Outdoor Patio Furniture

Plastic chairs and ugly rusted lawn furniture are out, and modern, built-to-last patio furniture is in! You and your guests will want to spend your extra hours outside in a comfortable space and that starts with a relaxing place to sit yourself and your drink down. Quality outdoor furniture is built to last and will keep you comfortable and in style for years to come.

Include Cozy Outdoor Lighting

Until we make it to summer, the sun will still set early. So to stretch out your time on the patio, you’ll need to add some lights. But one blinding flood light won’t make you want to linger. Instead, try hanging up string lights, adding tiki torches, or purchasing a few outdoor lanterns to create a warmer look and feel for your favorite outdoor spot.

Stay Warm with a Gas Fire Pit Table

While spring usually allows us to put snow and ice behind us, you might find that nights still get chilly and call for blankets and fire pits. With a gas fire pit table, you aren’t only providing warmth - you’re elevating your outdoor space. A propane-powered fire pit can last for years, creating the centerpiece for many memories with your favorite people.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company can help you create a charming patio this spring with our premium outdoor gas fire pit tables and furniture. Our products come with outstanding customer service, innovative technology, and guaranteed reliability.