How-to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Island

May 22, 2018 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

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Adding an outdoor kitchen island is a great investment for your backyard area, but it requires some patio planning. One helpful acronym to remember when designing an outdoor kitchen island is “PAL”.

P – What is the PURPOSE of your outdoor kitchen island?

While it may seem obvious to use your backyard kitchen for cooking, there are many directions you can take. For example, you may want a spacious outdoor kitchen area that includes plenty of seating for family and friends or ample space for multiple cooks in the kitchen.* If you’re an avid cook, make sure to plan out plenty of prep space and quality lighting for optimal use. Maybe your outdoor room will be a backyard retreat (possibly a man cave or girls’ night spot). In that case, a kitchen island with simply a spot for refreshments and snacks may fit your outdoor needs.

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A – What APPLIANCES and ACCESSORIES are you thinking?

“Grill, rotisserie, oven, stovetop, brick oven, blender, wine cooler – there are so many choices.”* Once you decide on the purpose of your outdoor kitchen island, make sure to consider the type of food you plan to make, the appliances needed for making that food, and how often you will actually use those appliances.

As for accessories, think of the items you want to complement your outdoor kitchen island. Patio furniture keeps your guests comfortable while you cook. If you plan to use your outdoor area on game days or you enjoy watching cooking shows while you prep food, a TV made for the outdoors offers versatile entertainment.* Sound systems can also help create the desired ambiance for guests. Make sure to consult a professional on the best tech for your deck or patio.

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L – Where will your outdoor kitchen be LOCATED?

Now that you have considered the other points for your backyard kitchen island, it is time to bring it all together and choose the location. Safety is one of the most important factors. First, locate all of the utility lines to ensure you won’t run into any safety issues.* While weather can be unpredictable, try your best to map out your backyard to determine the best spot. One of our pergolas with optional lattice roof and wall may help create a more defined outdoor room while adding some protection from the outdoor elements.

Next, consider convenience and comfort when deciding on your outdoor kitchen location. What would offer the most natural flow? Once you have decided on a location, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect design to fit your outdoor theme. Thankfully, our experts are here to help you create the outdoor kitchen island of your dreams. After you have installed your kitchen island, don’t forget a gas fire pit for keeping the ambiance going for entertaining all night long.

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