How Custom and Ready to Finish Fire Pits can Enhance Your Business's Atmosphere

March 31, 2023 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your business can enhance how your customers experience your products or service. Whether you own a restaurant, apartment complex, hotel, resort, etc., or design landscapes for your clients, a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can easily elevate the look and feel of your spaces.

“The desire for fire in the commercial market continues to be strong.” says Jeff Hanel, Outdoor GreatRoom Builder Division Sales Manager. Here’s how you can implement custom or ready to finish fire pits to enhance your business’s atmosphere.

Design a Custom Fire Pit to Meet Your Needs

You’ve put a lot of your work and budget toward making the spaces in your business exactly how you want them. Teaming up with designers and engineers will create a custom fire pit that reflects the work that you’ve already put in. Our team at the Outdoor GreatRoom is ready to work with you to make your one-of-a-kind fire pit that fits perfectly with your outdoor space.

Or perhaps you’re a landscape designer who needs to find the perfect fire pit to install in your client’s backyard. Our creative team can work with yours to help your client’s dream backyard become a reality.

Customize a Ready to Finish Fire Pit Table or Fireplace

If your budget doesn’t allow for a completely custom fire product for your space, or you have your own finish ideas, there are many ready to finish products that can still give you the cozy atmosphere you're looking for. Ready to finish for commercial implementation simply means that the fire pit or fireplace is a pre-manufactured product that you can complete with finishes that complement your established style or aesthetic.

However you decide to implement a fire product element into your commercial space, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company is here for you. If you’re still not sure what option is right for you, talk to our Sales professionals who are ready to guide you in the right direction to level up your business.