How to Create Your Ideal Backyard

February 25, 2019 Tommy Lindquist

What does your dream outdoor space look like? You may have saved favorite backyard ideas from magazines, social media, or other sources. Typically, upscale patio spaces include a unique gas fire pit table, stunning outdoor kitchen island, and perfect landscaping your neighbors can’t help but envy. Maybe you have a “someday” mentality when it comes to home projects, or your budget may seem too constricting for it. Either way, your dream deck design is worth the time and investment into your home. With a little help, you’re sure to be able to achieve your backyard project goals this season. Let’s start with the basics.

Envision the Possibilities

The first step is to picture all of the components in your exterior home design. Do your research. As you start this brainstorming process, consider these questions:

  • What will your patio space be used for?
  • If you could have anything (and everything) in your backyard, what would you add?
  • What would you use most in your outdoor room?
  • What types of design elements or outdoor styles are you attracted to right now?

Determine the purpose of your yard space and the components that will fit your family’s dream patio checklist. Envision everything you want, then develop a workable plan to achieve your ideal patio or deck design.

Think About Reality

Prioritize your ideas and then think about the amount of maintenance they may require over time. For instance, certain landscape ideas may require more attention than others, and additional costs may be incurred as well with specific looks. Head to the outdoor space to familiarize yourself with the foundation of your patio project:

  • Walk through the property and determine the amount of space available for your design plan
  • Note the location of permanent storage buildings or other landmark features to ensure these buildings are easily accessible in your final plans
  • Decide the features of your yard you would like to keep so you can work around these components in your design
  • Consider the surrounding environment.
    • For example if you live in an area where deer frequently visit, then you may want to avoid certain plants that attract them or invest in a fence to keep them away.

Research the Rules

Your home’s construction and cosmetics may fall under local or even state-wide regulations. Additional buildings or even fencing might require specific permits. By maintaining compliancy during your entire project, you’ll save time and money. Avoid the stress and frustration by checking with the local rules and regulations first.

Draft the Design

If you’re looking for a local pro to turn your ideas into a doable design, consult one of our knowledgeable dealers. Whether your only home design experience is bingeing HGTV® or you’re a handy home-owning pro, remember these tips when configuring your outdoor plans:

  • Use simple shapes to represent structures like a storage shed or garden space
  • Place objects as close to scale as possible
  • Measure any open space carefully
  • Draw out recreational areas or structures

After you have these components positioned to scale, you can fill in the open space connecting any areas. For instance, perhaps you want to plan for a direct pathway from your outdoor kitchen to the deck or campfire space.

If you choose to begin the initial designing on your own, it may be beneficial to still consult a local expert. These professionals may have additional ideas or helpful advice. Remember to include any professional help expenses in your project’s total budget.

Keep Indoors in Mind

When planning your ideal yard space, do not forget to consider the inside of your home too. Your yard space should be both appealing and functional from indoors. Keep these questions in mind:

  • What aspects of your backyard do you want to see when you look out certain windows?
  • Where will the garbage be located?
  • Where will you let any pets outside?
  • How will your family access the backyard?

You want your backyard space to be both beautiful and accommodating, whether you’re indoors or out.

Get Detailed

After drafting your creative ideas, get down to the details. Focus in on each specific section and plan all of the detailed components:

Outdoor Living Space

Add value to your home by starting with the focal point of your outdoor room: a gas fire pit or fireplace. A liquid propane or natural gas fire table immediately welcomes family and guests to take in the warmth and admire the style. Once you choose your fire pit, your other patio or deck pieces will be easier to choose.

Outdoor Kitchen

Embrace bringing home outside by incorporating an outdoor kitchen. You can design your kitchen island to fit your style, budget, and how often you intend to use the space. Consider these ideas for successfully planning your outdoor kitchen:

  • Appliances

The appliances that you choose for your backyard kitchen will determine what electrical, plumbing, and fuel sources needed. Outdoor appliances need to be tougher to withstand extreme temperature ranges and inclement weather conditions. Ensure that you choose durable appliances that are manufactured to be used outdoors.

  • Countertops

When selecting a frame and countertop for your outdoor kitchen, choose an outdoor-rated material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Granite countertops are the most commonly used material for indoor kitchens because of how well granite holds up, so they’re a popular option outside. Supercast™ countertops are 10 times the strength of concrete with only half the weight for quality you can trust outside. This proprietary blend is available in a variety of colors and looks for your custom outdoor kitchen.

  • Outdoor Furniture

When designing your patio living space, it’s key to have an adequate amount of seating available so guests can comfortably sit outside or simply relax. When shopping for outdoor products like patio furniture, purchase pieces that are built for outdoor use and stylish to fit your theme.

Bring it all Together

Consider other landscaping. Would you like rich green grass and gorgeous flower beds?

Through the entire outdoor design process, consider your color palette and how all of the pieces fit into the environment. Like your home’s interior, the materials and colors used in the backyard should tie together into a visual masterpiece. Allow plenty of time to thoroughly execute each section of your plans while being mindful of the final big picture. Before you know it, you will turn the vision of your dream backyard space into reality.

Guest Contributor: Jessica Herring,