How To Build An Outdoor Room

July 31, 2020 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

The outdoor room is becoming an extremely popular focus for homes in all places. With people spending more time at their house and less time out-and-about, a summer priority for families have been building the ultimate outdoor experience. Read on to learn five steps in building your very own outdoor room:

Grey Stonefire Round Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your patio or deck

1. Determine Your Fit

Before deciding what to put in your outdoor room, the first step is to consider the size of your space and theme you want to go far. Whether you are aiming to create the ultimate resort experience or want a down-to-earth getaway, the opportunities are endless in making a backyard space unique to you. Beach, Garden, Nautical, Tropical, Americana, and Alpine are a few tasteful themes to consider when planning out the perfect backyard design for you. Read more on outdoor room themes at

Another factor to consider is the amount of room you have to work with. With some backyards being small, some large, and others having a patio, porch, or deck already a part of the space, it is important to address and prioritize what you want to include with the space available to you.

Farmhouse, distressed design Alcott Gas Fire Pit Table with Glass Wind Guard by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your modern patio or porch

2. Choose the Ultimate Centerpiece

As you begin building your outdoor room, imagine a focal point that will create memories full of laughter and enjoyment. Since dining and lounging are the most common activities that will take place in an outdoor room, it is crucial to have a centerpiece that is stunning and functional. While people usually default to a traditional dining table, a popular alternative is a gas fire pit.

Gas fire pits, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, offer a modern alternative to the traditional way time is spent outdoors. As friends and family gather around your space, having a focal point that features a collection of beautiful, dazzling flames will certainly entertain whoever your guests may be. As the sun goes down and the temperatures start to drop, a propane fire pit is an easy, smoke-free way to stay warm and spend quality time with the ones you love. Fire tables built by the OGC are outfitted with a stainless steel Crystal Fire® Plus burner to give the highest, hottest flame you’ll find on the market. The industry-leading technology of CFP burners are UL Listed and create the most ambient experience while keeping everyone safe.

Kenwood Linear Dining Gas Fire Pit Table and 30" Cove Round Gas Fire Pit Bowl with Lyndale Highback Swivel Chairs for your outdoor entertaining space or backyard design by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

With plenty of designs, sizes, and colors to choose from, you’ll have no issue finding the perfect gas fire pit to fit your outdoor theme. A Cove Fire Pit Bowl is one popular option for a modern or Nautical-themed backyard. The neutral-colored, smooth finish of a 30” Cove bowl supports a minimalist design while still providing a burner big enough for several people to gather around the fire. If dining outside is a regular thing for you and your family, a priority might be to have a table that provides enough space for grilled foods, appetizers, and drinks. The Kenwood Linear Dining Table, featuring a 42-inch burner and plenty of table room, will leave your appetite for both food and fire satisfied.

Comfy, stylish Cast Slate Lyndale Highback Swivel Rocking Chairs by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your deck or backyard space

3. Select Furniture That Supports Your Focal Point

Selecting the most comfortable and relaxing furniture is a must in building the ultimate outdoor room. As you start mapping out how you want to enjoy the outdoors, the kind of furniture you choose will dictate the amount of time you spend outside. A few factors to consider in outdoor furniture are the durability of the material, the comfort it provides, and the sitting height of the chair.

The OGC offers a selection of chairs to go with your gas fire pit table or dining table, and each one has its own unique benefits in being a part of the outdoor experience. Our Chat Rocking Chair is the lowest seating option that fits best with a shorter table or gas fire pit, such as the Kinney Linear Gas Fire Pit Table. If you’re hoping to have a higher table or fire feature, the Lyndale Rockers are good chairs to consider. The medium height and ability to swivel and rock make them a popular item in outdoor living.

Roof - Lodge pergola

4. Shade Your Area

Now that the seating area is covered, the next step is to find the best source of shade. For whatever you decide to go with, whether it be an awning, umbrella, gazebo, or pergola, it’s important to keep yourself protected and comfortable when enjoying the great outdoors. While an umbrella gives you a small, temporary amount of shade and a gazebo adds a completely new room, a pergola is the perfect medium in fending off the sun while remaining cool with a nice summer breeze. A Sonoma Pergola from the OGC uses durable wood and is water-stained with a beautiful mocha or redwood color to complement the furniture and centerpiece within your outdoor room. The design of a pergola ties it all together and allows for family and friends to lounge around on furniture and enjoy a fire all under one space. A pergola kit is easy to assemble and can be placed anywhere in your space, making it a great way to define your DIY backyard.

Stylish, industrial design Cedar Ridge Gas Fire Pit Table with Tan Chat Chairs by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company to complete your patio or deck

5. Add Finishing Touches to Match Your Theme

Incorporating plants, decorations, an outdoor rug, and maybe even an outdoor kitchen are other possibilities in making your outdoor home just as cozy as your indoor area. Whether it be hanging plants, romantic lanterns, rustic finishing, or American flag pillows, the most important step in building an outdoor room is to make it your own. The “finishing touches” are the pieces in your space that will tie it all together in creating a place you’ll never want to leave.

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