Holiday Gift Guide

December 03, 2018 Tommy Lindquist

Between all of the holiday festivities and gatherings, it can be difficult to fit shopping for the best Christmas gifts into your busy schedule. But have no fear! Our Xmas experts have compiled a quick gift guide for ideas to wow those hard-to-shop-for people in your life.

For The Cozy Homebodies

Shopping for holiday gifts is already tough, but when the person has a small home and backyard with little space to put things, it can feel impossible to find a reasonable gift. That’s why the Intrigue Table Top Lantern is the ideal gift for people with small spaces or those who want a subtle fire feature. This unique lantern centerpiece fits right in the standard umbrella hole (1.4-4”) of an existing patio table. The Intrigue lantern is easy to install within seconds for creating a cozy atmosphere in any patio space.

For The Adventurers

Need a holiday gift idea for that #1 football fan? What about that camping enthusiast and RV lover? Maybe you are simply shopping for that on-the-go friend? Look no further than the Renegade Portable Gas Fire Pit Table. This compact fire pit features collapsible legs for easy assembly, portability, and storage to keep your adventure-seeker on the move. The extra durable construction ensures it’s ready to handle whatever trip is next.

As the camping and RV trips take them to burn ban areas, gas fire pits still offer that needed heat and light. When the tailgating pro heads out in the cold late-season weather, they’ll stay cozy and warm while they’re supporting their team and bonding with fellow fans. Even on days at home, bring out the Renegade for a cozy fire with family and friends. This versatile fire pit is sure to be a holiday favorite.

For The Patio Lover

Does your loved one already have a decked-out patio or backyard? Treat them to accessories to even further accentuate their outdoor living pieces. We highly recommend a protective cover for their gas fire pit table if they don’t already have one. A fire pit protective cover keeps their investment safe for maximum longevity. Another great option is a glass wind guard to highlight the stunning flames of the fire table. A glass wind guard provides protection from the wind and keeps pets and kids’ hands away from the fire, too. Perfect for new pet owners and growing families!

If the person is considering a different color scheme for their deck or porch space, unique fire media may be the ultimate gift idea. From tumbled lava rock to tempered glass gems, we offer a variety of different colors and shapes to instantly change up the look of the propane or natural gas fire table. Fire media is a simple way to tie your backyard color design together or mix it up for a one-of-a-kind fire pit look.

Ready to be a holiday gift-giving master? Visit a retailer near you to get the best Christmas gifts.