Get Your Outdoor Room Ready for Winter

November 05, 2018 Tommy Lindquist

With glimpses of winter already appearing, it’s important to prepare your patio for the season ahead. We’ve got the answers to all your backyard winterizing FAQs.

Should you bring your patio furniture inside during winter?

While our powder-coated outdoor furniture is extra strong and durable to resist the outdoor elements, we recommend keeping your furniture in a shed, garage, or other sheltered location. Since weather can be unpredictable, you can rest assured knowing your backyard furniture will remain clean and new for longer. If you are unable to store your patio furniture indoors, we suggest at least bringing the cushions inside to stay clean and dry.

Can I use my propane or natural gas fire pit all year round? What do you need to do for winterizing my fire pit table?

As a Minnesota manufacturer, we are well accustomed to harsh winters and design our products to reflect that. The gas fire pit tables are constructed of strong weather-resistant materials like the Supercast™ concrete blend. Our gas fire tables can be used all year long! However, we highly recommend a protective cover for your fire pit when not in use.

If you don’t plan to use your fire table for a long period of time like winter, we recommend prepping it ahead of time. Your gas fire pit may be left outdoors during winter, but we have 8 simple steps for getting it ready for winterizing it.

1. Remove any debris (leaves, dirt, etc.) from the Crystal Fire® burner.

2. Close the gas valve on the fire pit base or shut off the gas line for natural gas.

3. Shut off and remove the propane tank from the base.

4. Remove the glass wind guard or any other accessories. Store inside.

5. Remove the glass fire gems or fire media from the burner and store inside. While this step is optional, we suggest routinely cleaning your fire media and Crystal Fire® burner. Therefore, this is an opportune time to clean those components.

6. Cover the Crystal Fire® Burner with a burner cover.

7. Wipe down the fire pit top and burner. Avoid harsh cleaners. We recommend using a mild mixture of dish detergent and warm water, rinse thoroughly.

8. Cover the gas fire pit table with a protective cover.

Your outdoor room is now set for the cold, snowy months ahead. As you sit by your fireplace and dream about the next outdoor season, explore inspirational spaces for next year’s backyard design.