Gas vs. Electric Fireplace: Benefits

November 04, 2019 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

As the temperatures drop, we start thinking about a cozy indoor fireplace. But which option is the best for your home? Here’s a breakdown to determine whether a gas or electric fireplace is a better option for you.

32" Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace insert with 36" Surround in the Heritage Cabinet


Both electric and gas fireplaces offer adjustable settings. Increase or decrease the amount of heat coming from the unit. You can also change the flame look from high-low for the right amount of ambiance year round. Electric fireplaces also offer the option between a blue and amber flame for a cool modern look or an extra warm appearance. Learn more about whether an electric fireplace is right for you.

Highland Gas Insert with Traditional Front

Realistic Looks

Both options offer the realistic look of the dancing flames. Gas fireplaces create the identical look yet requires less management than wood-burning options. The brick background and logs with embers help reinforce that perfectly cozy look. Tempered glass options create a modern appearance that fits your interior design. An electric fireplace is sometimes easier to add into your existing home’s design as it doesn’t require gas lines. Yet, either fireplace design can replace your current wood-burning fireplace.

44" Linear Built In Electric Fireplace Blue LED


Electric fireplaces have operating costs as low as a penny per day with the flame and backlighting. It creates the ambiance without the heat, great for warm days. At only 9-18 cents per hour, you can enjoy the warmth of the fire too. The highland Gas Insert can comfortably heat a small to medium-sized rooms (about 10’x10’x10’-20’x20’x10’ in size). Check out this article on heating your living room for more considerations when optimizing your fireplace’s efficiency.

Unique, upgraded look Crestline Modern Gas Hearth Set by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your living room or family den


When purchasing a fireplace, ensure it is safety tested and certified. A couple common certifications include UL Listing and CSA certification. Several models also offer safety features to ensure your home stays warm yet safe during the cold months. Our electric fireplaces are also cool to the touch to keep kids and pets safe. Our gas fireplaces are UL Listed and the electric fireplaces are CSA listed.

If you already have a gas or electric fireplace, make sure to refer to your user manual for any seasonal maintenance needed before starting it up for the season again. Your local technician will be able to help with any maintenance of your gas fireplace too.

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OGC_GI-29_42" Electric Insert and Surround