Gas Fire Pits For the Lake Cabin

July 15, 2020 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

A trip to the cabin provides relaxation and a quick getaway from the hectic schedules we all experience. The thought of spending a day on the lake, grilling great food, and enjoying time with family and friends seems to do the trick on curing a tiring routine or hard week of work. Once the hiking, fishing, sunning, or swimming comes to a close, the settling of the sun is the classic cue for gathering around a warm, cozy collection of flames. Here are the perfect gas fire pits for a lakeside home for the ultimate outdoor fire experience:

Space-saving, trendy design Renegade Portable Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your camping fire pit or RV trip and tailgating parties

Before we begin… why a gas fire pit?

Interestingly enough, gas fire pits are becoming a very popular addition to homes, restaurants, and even hotels. The unique, upscale, and innovative design of a gas fire pit provides a modern twist on the traditional flames you’ll get from a wood-burning fire. While a wood fire provides a classical, wood-crackling experience, there are numerous benefits of a gas fire pit that makes it the perfect gift to yourself for your cabin or vacation home.

A gas fire pit, whether it be in the shape of a table, bowl, or square, is easy to use and efficient to operate. There is no need for log collecting, match-lighting, or continual stoking when it comes to liquid propane or natural gas fire pits made by the Outdoor GreatRoom Company™. All it takes to light a propane gas fire pit table is the flip of a switch or press of a button for safe and easy handling. It is also a great way to enjoy a quick fire without the suffocating smell of smoke. When you are finished spending time around the fire and roasting the perfect marshmallows, simply turn your burner off and head inside—with no shower or change of clothes necessary. If you still love a classic wood-burning fire, or would prefer it, why not have both? The option to choose, depending on the night, duration, and occasion, puts you in the most ideal situation for flexible and ultimate enjoyment.

Unique, durable design Sierra Square Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your upscale patio or deck

Sierra Square

A fire feature in high demand for lake homes and woodsy cabins is the Sierra Square Gas Fire Pit Table. The Sierra fits right in with the outdoor elements with a texture and color made to camouflage into nature. Whether you have scenery of evergreen trees or a space designated for creating memories around the fire, this square fire pit table will provide warmth and the appropriate design for any lakeside landscape or collection of greenery. The outdoor rated stone and durable construction of materials is built to last even the harshest conditions. The name itself resonates with a chain of mountains extending across a horizon. If you’re looking for a great table with a deal, the Sierra Square has a promotional going on now, where a purchase of a square table gives you a free glass wind guard and protective cover.

Contemporary, beautiful design Cove 30 Gas Fire Pit Bowl by the Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your patio or backyard

Cove Gas Fire Pit Bowl

If you own a lake house or have a special getaway location that is geared towards a more modern and upscale presentation, the Cove Gas Fire Pit Bowl is the fire pit for you. Rugged, woodsy, or ‘outdoorsy’ doesn’t have to entail every beautiful vacation home, especially if your display includes more neutral colors (white, black, or grey) and incorporates a splash of color, such as navy blue, to support a minimalist approach in design. The Cove collection is constructed carefully for a smooth finish and is the perfect addition for a contemporary space with a waterfront view. The organic, natural appearance of a Cove bowl pairs well with modern furniture for a complete, stunning finish.

Versatile, simple style Stonefire Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for any patio or lakeside spot

Stonefire Gas Fire Pit

An every-weekend trip to the cabin is common for a lot of families. If you travel from one place to another on a continual basis, there is a fire pit made for portability and easy transportation. The Stonefire Gas Fire Pit is lightweight and fits in any space, but yet maintains a design appeal that will surely stun your guests. The brown, multi-textured look of the propane fire pit table still allows an LP tank to be housed in the base of the pit. The Stonefire is ready to be packed once the weekend comes to an end, making it the best option for wanting a fire at all of your favorite outdoor places.

Days on the lake and weekend cabin trips are some of the best memories made during the summer season. As summer nights will quickly roll into the chilly fall evenings, it is important to equip your outdoor setting as everyone prepares for the change in temperature. Plan ahead by exploring our many gas fire table options for the best fall experience, and stay updated on industry trends and best design practice by signing up for our newsletter.