First-Time Gas Fire Pit Owners: What to Know and When to Buy

March 18, 2021 Tommy Lindquist

When making a big purchase like a gas fire pit table for your home, it’s common to have many questions about a gas fire pit – what is it? How does it work? What should I know? When’s the best time to buy? The questions can be endless, but let’s dive into the basics so you can feel confident in your fire pit purchase. Make sure to take note of these things before visiting a store near you:

What is a gas fire pit table?

A gas fire pit table is a propane or natural gas fueled fire table that acts as a focal point in your backyard or patio. What’s the difference between a fire pit table and a fire pit? Fire pit tables usually have a base and top design, while a fire pit may be a simple base or even an individual burner surrounded by pavers. However, the terms are quite often used interchangeably. With a burner cover, a gas fire pit table can act as an outdoor coffee table when burner is not in use.

Safety – Installation and Operation Tips

Safety is typically one of the biggest questions for first-time gas fire pit owners. But did you know that a gas fire pit usually offers more safety features than a traditional wood-burning one? Specifically, Outdoor GreatRoom Company (OGC) fire pit tables and gas burners are UL Listed, meaning they’ve been heavily safety and quality tested by a reputable third-party organization. The new Crystal Fire® Plus burners feature a safety ignition and shutdown valve that will automatically close the connection to the gas source if a flame isn’t sensed.

Tip: make sure to look for a fire pit that promotes UL listing or other safety and quality testing. Your fire table should meet updated safety standards.

OGC fire pits also allow you to adjust the flame from low to high with a simple turn of a knob, which puts you in charge of how much gas you use and how cozy warm you prefer your patio space. With a smoke-free design, gas fire tables eliminate that heavy smoke smell on your clothes and are safe for smoke allergies and sensitivities. Yet, an OGC fire table still offers realistic, warm flames – the best looking flames in the industry!

Gas fire pit tables are typically easy to install, especially for a certified technician. With the positive connect of the Crystal Fire® Plus burners, most of the connections are already made for even quicker installation. Gas fire pit tables can also be safely placed on a wood deck, concrete or paver patio, or other backyard area for versatility in your outdoor space design. Once it’s ready to go, operation is easy! Refer to the easy-to-read user manual for full instructions, but ignition is simple: open the gas source, press the sparker, and ignite using the gas valve knob. No match needed!

Tip: Sometimes manuals get lost. Bookmark the gas fire table’s manual on your phone for easy, fast access when you need it.

Investment – Is it Worth it?

Why are gas fire pit tables commonly more expensive? While some fire pit features range in price, a quality fire pit table made from durable materials isn’t something to overlook. Consider the value in relation to the price. UL Listed products provide a piece of mind – knowing you can relax with family as you enjoy your safe, reliable fire pit. A fire pit made from strong materials will last season after season and over harsh, unpredictable winters. That alone saves time and money by not having to repeat the buying process every spring. Not to mention a strong, reliable gas fire table will require less maintenance than other options.

For shoppers prioritizing style and looks, an upscale fire table offers safe yet realistic flames that are cozy warm. With so many design options from rustic and modern farmhouse to classic contemporary and industrial, your unique fire pit table will bring your backyard to the next level too.

Tip: select your gas fire pit table first before shopping for outdoor furniture. It’s easier to match outdoor furniture to your favorite fire table look.

Why Buy Now?

When thinking about bonfires and purchasing an outdoor fire pit or fireplace, spring or fall is when many use their fire pit the most as the weather is cooler! Especially for warmer climate areas, spring or fall is when temperatures are finally hitting a comfortable range. Summer mornings and evenings are also an iconic time for enjoying a bonfire with your morning coffee or evening drinks. The cozy fire also keeps you comfy and lets you stay outdoors long into the season, so you can get the most out of your deck or patio space.

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