Fire Media 101

February 19, 2019 Tommy Lindquist

What Is Fire Media?

Fire media are the tempered glass, lava rock, stone, or ceramic pieces used to fill your fire pit burner or fireplace and allows your unit to operate safely and correctly. Fire media is available in a variety of options from modern fire glass gems and tumbled lava rock to realistic-looking log sets.

Do I Need Fire Media?

Whether you have a gas fire pit, individual burner, or fireplace, fire media is required for proper operation. While you may like the look of your burner or fireplace without fire media, it is essential for correct operation, safety, and design.

Fire media evenly distributes the gas and heat for a warm, enjoyable experience. These fire accessory pieces also keeps the burner pan at a safe temperature level to avoid warping or malfunctions. However, too much fire media pieces can also cause operation issues. Excess fire media can trap the gas and heat from escaping the burner. Therefore, ensure you select the proper amount for your burner, fire pit, or fireplace. Each fire feature is unique and may require a different quantity of approved fire media. All of our burners and fireplaces include the proper amount of fire media for maximum burning safety.

What Type of Fire Media Should I Use?

All gas fireplaces and burners should use approved fire media only. Approved fire media is designed for burn use and will withstand the high temperatures. All of our fire media accessories are safe and designed for burning. Do not use gems or other media you may find at a local craft store – as they’re made only for planting, crafts, and other leisure hobbies. Ensure any other media is designed for fire use.

If you’re deciding on the best fire media look for your gas fire table or fireplace insert, consider the entire space’s theme. Is your outdoor room inspired by modern accents? Do you prefer traditional fire looks? While fire media is required in your fire pit or fireplace, feel free to change it up. For example, start with fire glass gems and then switch to a log set with lava rock next season.

Whether you’re searching for a modern or traditional fire media, tumbled lava rock features a natural stone look to complete the fire design. On the other hand, black lava rock is your key to a traditional fire pit appearance. For a modern outdoor patio, turn towards the tempered fire glass gems. From ruby red gems to crushed copper fire glass and large onyx clear diamonds, you’re sure to find the size and color to fit your style preferences.

If your fire table needs a one-of-a-kind look to match your eclectic backyard, get creative and mix different colors of fire glass! Choose a memorable combination like aquamarine blue and clear glass gems for an eye-catching pop of color on your porch or deck. Amber and onyx fire gem duo create a warm, cozy look to mimic the stunning flames. Depending on your fire table design, mix and match to accentuate the final look!

If you are using an indoor gas fireplace insert, you also have options for modern flair or traditional fireplace designs. The modern hearth kit includes fire glass gems. The gems offer a contemporary design to accentuate the focal point of your living space. If you prefer your fireplace design to resemble a traditional theme, stick with the included log set to reinforce that realistic wood-burning look.

Even electric fireplaces include fire glass gems. Though not required to operate, the fire media completes the interior look. Switch out with another color glass gem or tumbled lava rock for your own personal fireplace design.

Consult your local experts or included burner manual for fire media requirements and other inquiries.