Two Fun Ways to Embrace Fall Weather Around Your Fire Table

September 26, 2018 Tommy Lindquist

Fall. Autumn. Whatever you call this beautiful season, the Outdoor GreatRoom loves it! We can’t get enough of the delicious treats, crisp air, stunning colors, and a plethora of outdoor activities. As a Minnesota Company, we know that “perfect fall weather” doesn’t happen as frequently as we’d like. Fall days – whether it’s sunny and warm or the temperature drops – are perfect to head to your patio or backyard.

The Best Start

There’s something wonderful about coffee and cozy warmth on chilly mornings. Rather than sitting indoors on those cool mornings, head outdoors to enjoy your morning beverage around the fire. Between the beautiful flames and comfortable heat, it’s a perfect way to start out your day. Take in the vibrant autumn colors and peaceful surroundings as you sip your coffee or tea. Invite friends over and have a coffee date to start the day. If you’d rather take advantage of the quietness, wake up before the hustle and bustle starts for some much-needed me time. One of the best parts? Gas fire pits turn on and off within seconds so you don’t miss a beat in your morning schedule.

Fall Evenings

Even after a warm afternoon outdoors, the setting of the sun usually pushes everyone indoors for light and warmth. As fall progresses, the sunsets happen earlier and earlier. Rather than ending the backyard gathering early, extend your outdoor time into the evenings with a stylish fire table. A gas fire pit provides that bright glow to keep conversations going, while the strong heat offers that coziness and comfort.

As busy fall schedules set in, fire tables are a much-needed solution to family time. Enjoy meals outdoors as a family. Fresh air, cozy fires, and delicious food are sure to boost the family’s moods. Even after a full day of school, work, practices, homework, etc., fall fires are a relaxing way to end the day as a family. A relaxing fire (and maybe a s’more or two) is the perfect reward for finishing homework, surviving a tough day, or recharging for whatever tomorrow brings.

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