Direct Spark Automatic Ignition vs. Manual Battery Sparker Ignition for your Fire Pit

January 14, 2019 Tommy Lindquist

When purchasing a gas fire pit table or gas burner it’s important to understand the technical basics behind these outdoor products. The more you know ahead of time, the better equipped you’ll be as you start shopping.

Should I Use Liquid Propane or Natural Gas for my Fire Pit?

We design our fire pits to be enjoyed using either fuel type. It comes down to your personal preference and what works for your backyard space. We highly recommend consulting a local, certified professional. Typically, a trained expert will be able to provide you with some insight for your patio project.

What’s the Difference between a Manual Ignition System and Direct Spark Ignition System?

We offer two types for either liquid propane or natural gas: Direct Spark Ignition and Manual Ignition with Electronic Sparker. Let’s break down these options:

Direct Spark Ignition System

The main function of the Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) system is to automatically spark and ignite the flames. To operate, simply turn the switch “on” and that’s it. Within seconds, you’ll be enjoying the warmth and glow of the flames. All of our gas burners and fire pit tables can operate using a DSI system.

But how does it work?* Once you flip that switch on, the module beeps once to signal it is running diagnosis. Next, the ignition starts sparking and the automatic valve opens. Within 12 seconds, the flame will light. Once the flame sensor recognizes the flame, the sparking will stop and a second beep will signal that the system is working properly.

The DSI system also acts as an extra safety feature, perfect for commercial spaces. If the flame blows out due to wind, the system will try to reignite the flame. If the burner is unable to reignite after 12 seconds, the system will automatically enter safety shut-down mode and close the gas supply to the burner. This shut-down mode keeps excess gas from entering the environment.

You may also separately purchase an optional remote for use with the DSI System. The remote offers even more convenience, especially for businesses or everyday entertaining.

Manual Ignition System

The manual ignition system includes an electronic battery-operated sparker. This ignition system takes a few more steps to ensure proper ignition, but it is still easy to operate. To start, press the igniter button to verify a spark is being produced and working properly. Then, ensure the control panel valve is “off” and slowly open the gas valve. Press the igniter button and continue holding the button while turning the control valve on.* Once you see a flame, release the button and you can start relaxing around the gorgeous fire.

Both ignition systems equate to a beautiful fire within seconds. The best ignition system for you depends on your preferences. Your local dealer will be able to help determine which type of system is right for you.

*Please consult your manuals for complete instructions, warnings, and other information. Installation should be completed by a certified technician.