Are Gas Fire Pits Safe for Pets?

April 09, 2019 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

Your pets are part of the family. As a family company, we have many dog dads/moms and cat parents who love their fur babies. Whether you have a furry family member or are simply an animal lover with many tail-wagging visitors, it’s important to know whether a gas fire pit table is safe for your pets. The short answer: yes but like children, ensure you constantly monitor your pets around the fire table. With many beautiful days ahead, it makes sense your dogs or cats want to spend plenty of time outdoors with you. A warm gas fire pit is perfect for extending your days outside and relaxing with your favorite critters. We compiled some top fur parent tips when shopping for a fire pit near you.

Are Gas Fire Pits Safe for Pets? by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company to keep your furry family members safe in your backyard or patio

Strong Enough For Pets

The gas fire pit table must be extra durable for evenings outdoors with your favorite animals – we know how easily our pets can destroy even the most heavy-duty toys. Shop for a gas fire pit that features powder-coated metal, a composite wood look, or a durable concrete blend. Powder coating resists scratches, rusts, and knicks – a perfect match against an occasional paw or two. Composite fire pits offer the wood look without splitting or rotting to protect your family and curious fur kids from unwanted slivers. A concrete blend, like Supercast™, is strong to last many evenings outside with your four-legged friends.

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Worry Less Outdoors

With a wide selection of fire pits in the outdoor living industry, a propane or natural gas fire pit offers maximum control and predictability. The Crystal Fire® Plus Burner offer the most realistic flame appearance and eliminate the unpredictable smoke or flying sparks of wood-burning fire pits – giving you one less thing to worry about while your kids and dogs are outdoors. An adjustable valve lets you control the flame for consistent warmth and the right amount of glow whenever. Within seconds a natural gas or propane fire pit can ignite for an instant fire or turn off to save time at the end of the evening.

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Top Safety Pick

One of the most important tips for fire pit shopping is to look for a gas fire pit that’s UL Listed. UL certification requires heavy testing to ensure safety and quality in your home. By purchasing a UL Listed fire table, you can rest assured that you have one of the safest and most reliable options for your family.

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Pet Owner Must-Have

Pro tip! Don’t forget to purchase the most-loved fire pit accessory for dog and cat owners too: a glass wind guard or folding wind guard. A wind guard keeps kids’ hands, waggin’ tails, or curious wet noses away from the fire. It also protects the flame from wind and debris so your energetic family can head outside even on windy days. The folding wind guard is great for a convenient 2-in-1 burner cover and wind guard, but both options are best for pet households.

Now fetch a safe gas fire pit near you. We want to see your furry friends relaxing under the fire pit, too. Share your pics on Instagram!

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