Are Gas Fire Pits Safe?

October 16, 2018 Tommy Lindquist

A backyard fire pit is great for gathering family and friends, providing warmth, and adding ambiance as the natural focal point. But are gas fire pits safe to use in your backyard or contract patio space? Like most other products, not all gas fire pits should be treated the same. That’s why it’s important to purchase your fire table from a reputable brand that is dedicated to safety first. While it’s important to have a beautiful flame, stylish designs, and convenient features, search for a fire pit that manages to do all of that plus prioritizes safety. When choosing a propane or natural gas fire pit, keep these points in mind:

UL Listing

Rather than guessing whether a safety claim is trustworthy or not, leave it to the experts by choosing a UL Listed gas fire table. Usually, UL certification is listed as a feature or the UL Listed logo is displayed somewhere. Why is UL Listing so important? For a product to become UL Listed it must undergo vigorous testing inside and out to ensure safety and durability. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing your gas fire pit has been tested to withstand outdoor elements and other possible dangers.

Proper Installation

Should you choose liquid propane or natural gas to fuel your fire pit? All of our fire tables come set up for LP but can converted to NG with the included conversion kit. Both are viable options, but it depends on your preference and what works for your space. Consult a trained professional if you’re unsure. Your local dealer will most likely have a recommendation for a professional to help with setup, or they may offer those services themselves.

If you’re looking for a gas fire pit for your commercial space, the Outdoor GreatRoom offers extra safety features and custom designs for your commercial spot.

The Manual

Read the manuals first, during, and after. Before you begin, read through the manual. When installing or getting ready to use your fire pit, have your instructions in hand. After you’re finished, read through the manual again to make sure you’ve correctly completed the steps and didn’t miss anything. Pro tip: keep the manual in a safe place for easy reference.

As a family company, The Outdoor GreatRoom is committed to safety for your family and guests. When you purchase an Outdoor GreatRoom fire pit, know you’re getting the latest styles and innovations, stunning flames, and cozy heat, plus durability and safety you can trust.