Accessory Options for a Gas Fire Pit

July 10, 2020 Outdoor GreatRoom Company

When you choose to embark on creating the perfect outdoor experience, all details matter. Whether you are looking at a modern gas fire pit, a round gas fire pit table, or a tabletop gas fire pit, the little things are equally as important as the big purchase. Glass wind guards, protective covers or tops, and even a variety of fire glass media are unique and upscale accessories made to enhance and protect your beautiful fire feature.

Aquamarine Tempered Fire Glass Gems

Fire Media - Glass & Rocks

Fire media, or those fascinating crystals, rocks, or gems you’ve seen on an outdoor fire burner, is an essential part of every propane fire. Fire media helps protect your burner while dispersing the heat given off by your dazzling flames. While every gas fire table and burner from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ (OGC) includes clear glass gems, there are several more fire media options available to create an even more unique and dazzling glow for your fire pit.

Log Set with Lava Rock

Whether it be a natural, woodsy ceramic log set or a tropical display of aquamarine glass gems, upgrading your fire media to a specific color or new texture is a great way to give your fire feature some character. While fire media is required for operating a gas fire pit, changing the color of the glass gems is an easy way to update the fire table look with minimal investment.

Kinney Gas Fire Pit Table Detail

Glass Wind Guards

One of the most innovative and useful features for a gas fire pit is a glass wind guard. Although sold separately, a glass wind guard is a great accessory to have for families, dog lovers, and even someone who appreciates an aesthetic display when using a modern gas fire pit. A rectangular, round, or folding glass wind guard serves multiple purposes as it wraps around a propane fire pit burner. When the night is windy, the flames are maintained and kept at optimal height.

Cove 30 Fire Bowl with Glass Wind Guard

As kiddos or puppies sit around the fire, it keeps them safe and out of harms reach from the hot glass fire media. The glass wind guard also serves as a great resting ledge as you rotate and warm every side of your mallow when roasting marshmallows over the fire. While gas fire pits from the OGC already surpass the industry safety standards, glass wind guards provide an extra layer of protection so you can enjoy those stunning flames without worrying about anyone getting hurt. Whether you have a round, square, or linear gas fire pit table, a glass wind guard is ideal for a homeowner who wants an appealing fire reflection with additional safety benefits.

Kenwood Rectangular Dining Table Protective Cover

Protective Covers

Another practical—but very overlooked—accessory for a liquid propane or natural gas fire pit is a protective cover. Even though some Outdoor GreatRoom fire pits include a cover for the burner, an extra layer of protection is crucial to extend the lifetime of your new fire feature. We highly recommend purchasing a protective cover to take care of your fire pit bowl or table when not in use. Glass covers for the burners are another option for when the weather is tolerable and fire pits are used more frequently. While gas fire pits can be used year-round, due to their reliable source of fuel and strong design, some regions experience unfriendly winters and homeowners would not prefer to be outside during the cold season. The durable construction, quality design, and maximum resistance of a protective cover provides ultimate shelter for your investment.

Trendy, modern design Kenwood Chat Fire Table with Lyndale Swivel Rockers by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your patio or poolside

All of these useful and stunning add-ons are available at a discount for a limited time. Through the month of July, if you purchase any fire pit table or accessory, you will receive 50% off your purchase of any additional accessory. This BOGO promotion is a great opportunity to redefine your outdoor fire experience. Visit one of our retailers to update and redefine your outdoor fire pit.

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