Accessorize your Fire Table

April 06, 2017 Tommy Lindquist

Adding accessories to anything can give it that extra wow factor. At OGC, we enjoy adding accessories to our outdoor spaces, especially our fire pits. The great part about adding accessories to outdoor fire pits and fire tables is that they are functional just as much as they are beautiful. Adding accessories will surely make your fire pit look even nicer, but they also serve to make your outdoor living easier. Take a look at the benefits of some of our different types of accessories.

Glass Wind Guards

Adding a Glass Guard to any outdoor fire pit or fire table is extremely beneficial because it protects the flame from the wind and allows for a larger and more uniform flame. Additionally, the glass wind guard will create a more beautiful and mesmerizing ambiance as the flame reflects off the glass.

Glass Fire Media

Fire media is what goes in the burner of your fire pit. Having fire media is necessary to the fire pit, but each one has its own look that changes the atmosphere of each fire pit to better suit your home. Our glass Fire Gems provide a modern and sophisticated look as each glass gem reflects the flame.

Lava Fire Media

In addition to glass gems, we offer Lava Rock and Tumbled Lava Rock. Our Lava Rock has a more realistic look for a rustic or traditional style living space. And, our brand new Tumbled Lava Rock has a natural stone appearance that can complement both a modern and traditional style outdoor space.

Log Set

Adding a Log Set to your fire pit will provide a realistic, rustic look. On top of the traditional Lava Rock, having a Log Set will create a classic bonfire appearance that will be a center for family and friend gatherings.

LED Light Kit

Adding LED strip lighting underneath your tabletop will give it that extra wow factor. Our LED Light Kit can be added to fire pits, fire tables, and outdoor kitchens to create an attractive, ambient glow that makes your outdoor space unique.

Glass Burner Covers

When your fire pit isn’t in use, having a Glass Burner Cover can be very useful as it covers the unused burner and becomes a tabletop. Covering your fire burner can extend your tabletop when you need more space for food and drinks.

Vinyl Covers

Having a Vinyl Cover is more functional than beautiful, but can be quite essential in weather-ambiguous places. When your fire table is not in use, cover it up to protect your investment from potentially harmful elements. Using a Vinyl Cover to protect your fire table will give it a longer life and keep it looking brand new for years. These accessories are not just for looks, but increase the functionality of your fire pit or table and make them more universal for any occasion. In addition to these accessories, we also offer replacement service parts.