8 Fire Pits Perfect for Any Backyard Theme

April 27, 2020 Tommy Lindquist

The backyard is meant to be a comforting space. Privacy, relaxation, and entertaining guests are priorities when it comes to the perfect outdoor living area. From a contemporary design to something a little more classical, here are eight different fire pit options perfect for any outdoor theme:

1. Cove

Contemporary fire pits are a popular commodity as homeowners are looking to upgrade their outdoor living space. Whether you have a pool, concrete porch, or a more modern landscape, the Cove Gas Fire Pit Bowl is a tasteful option when paired with outdoor furniture or placed poolside. Consider pairing a White Cove fire bowl with a pop of color, like royal blue furniture, for a trendy yet sophisticated feel. The Natural Grey option combined with other neutral tones is that perfect combination for a contemporary backyard, while the Black color is great for making a bold statement on any deck design.

2. Denali Brew

Hosting backyard BBQs and having a brew with friends is something that never gets old. With a bottle opener right on the Denali Brew fire pit, you’ll have one less item on your party shopping list and never have to worry about misplacing your opener. The Mocha wooden frame is complemented with a corrugated steel to give it a unique and rustic design, creating an atmosphere that’ll transport you to your favorite local brewery. A medium to large backyard space houses this fire pit with ease.

3. Uptown

Fashionable, elegant, dashing. The outdoor space doesn’t have to be woodsy or rugged for every backyard area. If you are someone who appreciates an aesthetic design and loves the outdoors, grab your best bottle of wine and a cheese platter, and head to the fire with an Uptown fire pit. The two-tiered design of the Uptown provides a stunning fire along with enough tabletop space to hold drinks and appetizers.

4. Kenwood Dining Table

Let’s be honest, eating outside can be a refreshing alternative for a homeowner. Whether you are grilling burgers or wanting to relax by a fire, the Kenwood Dining Table is both practical and comfortable. An elevated Crystal Fire® Plus gas burner sits in the middle of the table while still providing plenty of space for a delicious meal. Enjoy the company of family and friends and stay in touch with one of earth’s natural elements with a table designed to fit most patio and porch areas. For a matching outdoor dining set, pair with the Kenwood short and long benches. To mix up the look, use the Lyndale Highback Rockers for a comfy, cozy outdoor dining experience.

5. White Onyx Beacon

The White Onyx Beacon fire pit is a perfect fire pit for someone who wants a classical design with a little bit of flair. Depending on if you want a fire for outdoor leisure or backyard dining, there is an option to have the fire pit be a chat height or a dining height. The smooth, neutral white top matches well with comfy, modern outdoor furniture to create a timeless patio area. You can even throw in a couple Lyndale Highback Swivel Rocking Chairs for a stylish space you’ll never want to leave.

6. Stonefire

For someone with a smaller backyard, the ultimate goal might be to maximize the area. The Stonefire fire pit offers both practicality and comfort. Its simple yet exquisite design is a perfect fit for someone who wants a strong, warm flame that does not take up too much space. This is also a great option for someone who might have a summer cabin as it’s easy to move around your lakeside space or store during the winter. The portable design of the Stonefire allows for smooth portability, which is ideal for wanting a fire at all of your favorite outdoor places.

7. Custom Fire Pit

If you liked different components from the other options or have a truly unique vision for your outdoor room, customization is going to be your best friend. With a create-your-own fire pit, you can choose your shape, size, and materials to match what you are looking for. If you have a specific stone in mind, our ready-to-finish product line allows you to perfectly match your fire pit with your backyard landscape. Check out our idea book to see what we have done in the past!

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