5 Garden Ideas to Match Your Outdoor Style

July 20, 2017 Tommy Lindquist

For every outdoor style and space, a garden can be a tremendous backyard transformation. While gardens aren’t as instant as a fire pit table or pergola, they are worth the time and energy as it enhances your outdoor space and surrounding. Whether you are a gardener or not, gardening can be a creative outlet with your individual outdoor style. Here are 5 garden styles to try out this summer.

1. Flower Garden

If you love a full and colorful flower garden, try planting Bonica Shrub Rose, Salvia Leucantha, or Colorburst Orange Coneflower. Plant some annual flowers that bloom all summer long in a flower bed or create a fun container garden full of vibrant colors; some great and easy annuals we love are lavender or fuchsia petunias. There are a million ways to create a flower garden, but it is important to mix, blend, and contrast a color palette of flowers that complement each other. Gardens are both fun and stunning and can provide you with cut flowers and bring more life to your outdoor space by attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and humming birds.

2. Modern Garden

If you are looking to explore a modern garden, try planting a stiff Yucca in a simple concrete container. Modern gardens are minimal and focus more on hardscape and structural elements. A grid-like pattern, lines, rocks, and concrete pavers are a couple design elements to give a try. Use a simple color scheme like white and green with small hints of color. Create contrast with structural elements and forgiving greenery. Instead of a variety of flowers, pick one, and plant mostly foliage.

3. Low-Maintenance Garden

Do you hate gardening but love a beautiful garden? Don’t worry! There are many low maintenance flowers, shrubs, and ground covers for the non-gardener. Try planting perennials! A vibrant flower, like the purple Texas Ranger, come back to life every year, you just need to water them! If you have a dull space or side yard, add a low maintenance, perennial ground cover like the fast growing Bishop’s Weed or easy Hostas. In addition, Creating a wildflower garden is another awesome low cost and low maintenance garden; pick out some native wildflower seeds and plant them in a proper environment, and you will have a full garden! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your easy-to-maintain garden as you sit around your fire pit table.

4. Rustic Garden

If you love the rustic, old farm look, creating a rustic garden is very obtainable. Add rustic architectural elements to your outdoor space such as a vintage metal fence in your flower bed, create paths with old bricks or cobble stone, and use wood for garden projects like signs or benches. Create organic shade by growing vines or flowering growers that can climb up a pergola. Plant flowers such as a purple hyacinth in rustic containers such as old watering cans, galvanized tubs, or livestock feeders. Don't forget to choose a color palette; options are endless with this style!

5. Kitchen Garden

If you love home grown vegetables and using your own herbs for cooking, having a kitchen garden can be really fun, challenging, and rewarding. Try using raised beds to decrease weeds, control drainage, and keep pests away. If you’ve never had a vegetable garden, start small, and pick a couple easy veggies to start with like tomatoes and zucchini squash. Maybe try an organic vegetable garden by buying organic grown plants and seeds and omitting any fertilizer. Growing a vegetable and herb garden might not be as pretty as a flower garden, but it can be the most rewarding after you pull up some flavorful, colorful carrots and cook with pride. Bring your vegetables straight to your outdoor kitchen for easy prep and cooking!