4 Tips for Designing Your Patio

March 11, 2021 Tommy Lindquist

Before you grab tools for building or head to the store to pick up furniture, it’s important to develop a plan on how you want your new patio design to look. Here are 4 tips to consider when planning an irresistible outdoor patio design:

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1. Keep the Same Theme and Style

What comes to mind when you think of a getaway paradise? Whether you envision a tropical bliss or tranquil, modern retreat, you’ll want to make sure the design of your patio is dedicated to one particular theme or decorating style. Maintaining the same style for your patio is critical for creating a design that looks cohesive throughout every area of your outdoor room. Incorporating plants, decorations, and colors that align with the overall tone you are going for will assist in creating a place that will provide comfort and peace for you and your guests to enjoy.

There is nothing more stressful than an unorganized or messy backyard. Take extra time in the planning phase of designing your porch to ensure it will be a place dedicated to a clean and consistent look. Spend a few brainstorming sessions and draw out ideas for your look along with goals you want to accomplish once your redesign project is complete. Your future self will thank you for creating an organized spot to relax after a long and tiring day. Be on the lookout for what’s popular in outdoor design for inspiration on planning out your backyard oasis. Here’s a few tips to get your list started:

  • Keep your gardening tools and outdoor equipment away and out-of-sight
  • If you have kids, outdoor toys should only be out when they are
  • Create outdoor zones for clarity on where outdoor activities should take place
  • Use backyard lighting that goes best with your overall decorating style
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2. Keep It Comfortable

Have you ever experienced furniture that causes back pain after every use? Stay away from furniture that fails to provide proper body support as you map out the look of your deck or patio space. Take extra time during your furniture search to find outdoor-rated materials that feel comfortable and support good posture. These two features are essential for reducing soreness and uncomfortability. Having a rest spot that feels relaxing is just as important as a design that looks pleasing to the eye. Wicker, teak, or Sunbrella® fabric are a few long-lasting and comfortable styles to look for.

Creating a cozy patio means finding the perfect furniture for your space, and what you choose to go with ultimately depends on the layout and size of your backyard. Explore a variety of options to fit the needs and theme of your cozy outdoor patio. An outdoor sectional is a great solution for a homeowner who is constantly hosting family or guests in their backyard space. If outdoor dining is a top priority for your patio design, a set of dining chairs to match your table is the way to go. Owners of a smaller backyard can be pretty creative in how to manage their limited yard space. Consider using side benches or a portable hammock to maximize the square footage available in your outdoor living area.

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3. Keep It Functional

It’s essential to design an outdoor patio that is desirable and functional so you can soak in every moment it will provide. For maximum use of the patio all year long, consider adding a fire feature to your patio design. Bring warmth to your outdoor living area in a convenient and ambient why by incorporating a gas fire pit table. Gas fire pit tables are easy to use and are a smokeless alternative to a traditional wood-burning fire. Featuring fire as the focal point of your dining or lounging area is an attractive and beneficial way to create memories in the comfort of your backyard.

Designing an outdoor kitchen or grill is another practical way to get the most out of your patio area. These popular outdoor appliances come in many shapes and sizes for a unique and custom look. Outdoor kitchens or grills are great for homes who cook frequently and like to dabble with popular grilling foods. Custom outdoor kitchens can also be a practical spot to store drinks and host guests if a mini fridge or bar top is a part of the kitchen design.

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4. Keep It for a Long Time

The planning phase of designing your one-of-a-kind patio has almost reached completion. The last tip to consider when building out your dream porch space is its durability and sustainability through any weather. Take the time to look for products with reliable, outdoor-rated materials and strong customer ratings as you create a space you’ll never want to leave. Looking through reviews and group forums online or asking friends on where they got their furniture are a few ideas to gain insight on finding the right outdoor amenities for your backyard. While a great patio layout is not cheap, investing in a cozy patio design is well worth the cost in the long run. Investing more up front will limit the time you will have to spend in the future for replacing worn down furniture that has lost its color or durability.

The constant need to move appliances, furniture, and cushions before and after every use will hinder on the soothing experience you’re meant to have when enjoying your backyard. Find a propane fire pit table or furniture that can be left outside to solely focus on relaxation when you enter your outdoor living space. Outdoor rugs, decorations, or lighting should also be able to withstand the elements when harsh weather approaches your area.