4 Backyard Trends to Inspire Your Outdoor Makeover

October 04, 2022 Tommy Lindquist

Thinking about refreshing your backyard space? Wanting a different look for the upcoming season? We’re rounding up a few ideas on how you can easily change up your backyard look.

  1. Refresh your furniture – Tired of your same old patio furniture? You’ve got options! Cleaning and power washing your furniture and cushions can give them brand-new life. If you’ve got wicker or wood products, painting or spray painting your furniture can give them an entirely new look for a small amount of money. Don’t like any of these options? You can always buy new. Fall is a great time to start looking for new furniture as much of it hits the clearance section.
  2. Add cozy accessories – Adding a rug, fairy lights, or new dinnerware can instantly add a new vibe to your backyard space. Rugs can make a space feel cozy and put together. Fairy lights can add a beautiful ambiance when you’re on your patio. They make some great outdoor-rated options that can withstand wind and rain. New glassware, dinnerware and silverware can make your dining space pop with full colors and patterns. Bonus points if it’s acrylic and won’t break if dropped.
  3. Plants, plants, plants – There are so many options for plants that you can add to your patio space to make it look refreshed. Plant walls, hanging baskets, standing gardens and potted plants are just a few of the options. Depending on the size of your space, several of these options should be able to help you transform your space. Think about what you really need out of your space. Do you use a lot of herbs in cooking? Maybe a window box herb garden could work for you. Need a little privacy from a neighbor? A living plant wall might be exactly what you need.
  4. Adding warmth by fire – A focal point is a must when you’re thinking about making over your backyard space. A lot of people like a fire option because it can also help in extending the time you can use your backyard once temperatures start to drop. A fire table can serve as a great source of warmth, a focal point, and a gathering-around space for friends and family.