2023 Backyard Trends to Look For

January 11, 2023 Teele Schneider

We know it’s only January, but it’s time to start planning your 2023 backyard dreams. We’re looking at the top trends for backyards and landscaping that will be hot this summer. What trends are you looking to do in 2023?

Renovate What You’ve Got Less homeowners will be moving in 2023 to find a bigger or better yard and instead working with what they’ve got. Look at homeowners to use smaller or unconventional spaces to customize their backyards. A focus on renovating your current space and making it the yard of your dreams will be what homeowners look to achieve.

A Calm Space With a bigger focus on mental health since the pandemic, people are choosing to make their backyards a space of serenity. Spending more time in your outdoor space gardening, refreshing, or just creating are proven stress relievers. Watch for homeowners to make their backyards their Zen space in 2023.

A Pop of Color Homeowners will push the envelope when it comes to colors and patterns in 2023. While the last couple of years have focused on creating the space, this year will be focused on making the space yours. You won’t be seeing just bright and bold colors in blankets, pillows and furniture. Tile, stucco and paint colors will also be brighter and bolder as we move into a new year.

Bring Inside Out This was a major trend we saw in 2022 and we don’t expect it to quit. Making your outdoor space a livable area with pizza ovens, water features and fire pits are going to be a major trend continuation from last year. Homeowners want to extend their living areas and making the outdoors feel like a living room is going to continue being popular. Homeowners may opt to bring their indoor furniture outdoors for a cozier space.

Cottage Gardens Nostalgic plants will be making a comeback in 2023 as homeowners look to achieve the perfect cottage garden. Hollyhock, hydrangeas, lilacs and roses will be popular choices among gardeners this year. You could also see the comeback of white picket fences, brick pathways and birdbaths.

Plant Privacy We saw fences and pergolas make a giant comeback in 2021 and 2022 but watch for homeowners to choose a greener option to keep their backyards private in 2023. Vertical gardens will explode this year with planter boxes, hanging baskets, mounted containers and more fun options. Natural looking partitions will help to enhance a space and continue giving homeowners the privacy they desire.